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@Sunette Coetzee [1] - for Mon [...]

Ané van Eeden
- 04/06/2021 14:26:42
@Sunette Coetzee - for Monday
Inventory count required for Protea large lanterns. (NB always remember about stock in the shop)
Please confirm that all small Protea lanterns inventory are up to date?

Please Proceed with Inventory count for:
1. small leaf lanterns (single and sets) 
2. large leaf lanterns 
3. small geometric lanterns (single and sets) 
4. large geometric lanterns
Note: the following is old stock and +/- 6 colours are available in both flourish & criss cross design
Thus more than one set was made - different colours were put together (not sure if we still have many sets, we had a special and most sets were sold)
5. small flourish lanterns (single and sets) 
6. large flourish lanterns
7. small criss cross lanterns (single and sets) 
8. large criss cross lanterns

Talking about the lanterns, have you informed Gina to check the light of ALL lanterns and houses that she packs for the online store?

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