Planting and Caring instructions for Succulents

Succulent Planting instructions (Sproose GIY Kit)

  1. Carefully remove succulent, paper pots and bags of soil from the kit.
  2. Fill one-third of the pot with coarse pebbles (BAG 1)
  3. Add the succulent soil mix until approx 5mm from the top lip of the pot. (BAG 2)
  4. Insert succulent, with the stem/roots pointing down
  5. Using a spoon fill around the succulent with fine granules ( BAG 3).
  6. Water as per watering instructions below.

Succulent Light Requirements

As much light as possible. Place your succulents near a window that receives indirect light all day. if this is not a possibility then place them in the brightest area of your home or office.

Watering Instructions

Watering Tools

Use a watering tool that will provide water directly to the soil. This may include a container with a spout or a pipette. Avoid using a spray bottle, since Succulents do not like getting water on their leaves, this may cause rotting. Succulents prefer to have their roots soaked in water and then completely dried out.

Watering Process

  1. Soak the soil with water thoroughly, ensuring that the water flows out of the drainage hole
  2. Allow soil to completely dry out before rewatering
  3. Only water once every few weeks)

Important Notes

  • It is very important to water succulents when dry and not when wet damp or moist.
  • Succulents should not be watered every day
  • During the cooler times of the year, they require less water.
  • Only water soil and not the leaves of the succulents as this encourages mould growth.
  • Only water succulents when the soil is completely dry. If succulents are watered too much the plants will start rotting.

Well done planting your beautiful succulent. Roots will start within the next few weeks and continue to grow. If you would like to find out more about our succulent products please visit our shop here.

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