How to wear your Modish Mask

and also benefit from minimum fog on glasses

Foggy glasses when wearing A face mask

Firstly, let’s understand why our glasses get all fogged up while wearing a face mask.  As we breath and talk hot air is released from our nose and mouth.  According to physics hot air rises and then escapes at the top of the mask.  This causes condensation on your glasses due to the temperature difference inside the mask vs outside on your glasses.

The solution is to close off the top of the mask in order stop the air from escaping.  This will force the air to either escape along the side or at the bottom of the mask.  A tight seal has to be created around the nose for this solution to work.  

#ModishMasks made by Sproose combined the physics to design a solution for a comfortable, minimum fogging of glasses and fashionable face mask. A built-in pliable metal nose bridge and adjustable elastic strap around the head show the best results.

tips on how to wear a #ModishMask correctly, especially with glasses

        1.    Very important.  Wash your mask with warm water and soap before use. 

        Note: preferably hand-wash and sun/air dry to prolong the lifespan of the mask but the mask can be machine washed         and tumble dried.

Now to fit the mask on your face

2.    Hold the outside of the mask (the side people will see) in your one hand and the elastic straps in the other hand.

3.    Fit mask on face first and then pull both straps around your head.  One strap will be behind your neck and the other         will fit over your head close to your hair crown.

        Although Modish Masks can be worn around the ears, it is strongly recommended to wear it around the head, especially         with glasses as this creates a tighter fit and especially stops the mask from moving down.

4.    The elastic is one string and can easily be adjusted.  Firstly, pull the elastic tight around the neck and then around the head.  Adjust the knot of the elastic strap to fit tight but comfortable. 

5.    The knot can hereafter be hidden in the pocket sleeve alongside the mask.

 Fine adjustments for extra comfort and eliminate most fog on glasses

6.      Pull the mask higher up your nose but still to fit comfortable and not irritating the eyes when your cheeks are moving.

       7.      Now most importantly (especially for the eyeglass wearer), ensure a tight seal by molding the nose wire with your                               fingers around the nose.

8.    Create a tighter seal around the nose by adjusting the elastic strap.

9.    Optional: Put your glasses over the mask with the nose pads on top of the fabric mask. 

     10.    Make sure that you have an opening along the side or under the mask for hot air to escape.

     11.    Breath and talk to confirm comfort and no fogging.  Make adjustments by following steps 6 to 10 if needed.

Look good, feel safe and be comfortable!

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