The SECRET for Quick & Easy Leather SHOE Care

Leather shoes are unique, super comfortable, and can last very long if well taken care of.  But what does "well taken care of" mean?

Leather Caring Benefits

Create a Water Resistant Layer

Shields & guards the leather against oil stains and water penetration.

Keep Shoes Soft & Comfortable

Prevent the leather from drying which results in hardening and cracking.

Keep the Original Look & Colour

Preserves appearance & extend the life of your shoes.  Also, prevent colour fading.

What type of leather are your shoes made from?

Firstly, you must identify the leather type of your shoe and understand that each type is cared for differently.  Using the wrong caring product for your leather type may harden or discolour your beautiful leather shoes.  

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Vegetable Tanned
The Process
- Natural
- The oldest
- Takes 30-60 days

The Final Leather Skin
- Natural colours
- Smooth shiny texture
- Hard & thick

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Chrome Tanned
The Process
- Chemical
- Modern
- Takes 1-2days

The Final Leather Skin
- Unlimited colours
- Smooth semi-gloss texture
- Semi-soft & medium thick

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The Process
- Outside layer of hide is sanded

The Final Leather Skin
- Short nap
- Soft matt texture
- Semi-soft & medium thick

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The Process
- Inside layer of hide is sanded

The Final Leather Skin
- Long nap
- Rough fuzzy soft texture
- Soft & thin


Vegetable & Chrome Tanned Leather Care

Require regular cleaning & treatment, about every 6 months. 

3 Easy Caring Steps:
1. Wipe with a dry clean cloth.
2. Remove surface dirt with Cleaning & Polishing Brush.
3. Apply "Leather 3-in-1 Care Cream" with a sponge to clean, condition & protect.
Wait 30 minutes before wearing.

This treatment extends the lifespan of the leather and keeps your shoes in mint condition.

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Leather Shoe Cleaning & Polishing Brush

Soft bristles to:
-  remove surface dirt, 
-  smooth out minor scratches &
-  revive smooth shiny texture

Bristles made from horsehair

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Leather 3-in-1 Care Cream

This 3-in-1 product cleans, conditions & protects leather by: 
-  restoring natural oils,
-  protection against water & liquids,
-  keeping leather soft,
-  restoring colour &
-  enhancing the overall look. 

Apply on shoes before first wear & re-apply every 6 months.


Nubuck & Suede Leather Care

Require cleaning & treatment only when dirty but regular brushing is needed to keep the leather soft. 

4 Easy Caring Steps:
1. Remove surface dirt with nylon bristles (for nubuck) & brass bristles (suede) of "Suede & Nubuck Brush".
2. Clean bristles with a dry cloth
3. Apply "Clean & Care Mousse" with  "Suede & Nubuck Brush" & wait 30 minutes or till dry
4. Spray "Power Protector" on leather

Tip: Do not clean suede with water & the surface must always be dry before applying cleaning product. 

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Suede & Nubuck Brush

Cleans & rise the nap of nubuck (use nylon bristles) & suede (use brass bristles other side).  This helps to clean & restore the soft texture of the leather. 

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Clean & Care Mousse

Cleans and conditions suede & nubuck leather to keep shoes in mint condition.  Colour will darken upon application but will return to original colour when dry.

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Power Protector

Shields and guards against oil stains and water penetration with NEW nano tech.  Always use this product on new shoes & after cleaning.

Tips for Properly Storing Leather Shoes
-  Keep in dark cool area, away from direct sunlight
This prevents the leather from drying & cracking
-  Add tissue paper (with no printing) inside your shoes
This helps to absorb moisture, keep the shape & minimise creases

Now we have more respect for our leather shoes and understand why they also need TLC once in a while. 

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