Renapur Leather Balsam (200ml)
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Leather Balsam that cleans, conditions, restores & helps waterproof leather. Extend the life of all your favourite leather goods: shoes, handbag, wallet, belt, jacket, couch, car seats & more.

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    -  made of natural ingredients: beeswax & jojoba oil
    -  a clear, non-sticky, non-smelly easy-to-use formula
    -  can be used on any leather goods (all colours) made from Vegetable or Chrome Tanned Leather
    -  do not use on Suede or Nubuck Leather

    Why Use Leather Balsam on Your Leather Goods
    -  cleans surface dirt for a new look
    -  moisturize to keep leather soft
    -  instantly restores the colour & finish
    -  protects against drying & cracking
    -  shields & guards against oil stains & water penetration 

    -  protect from UV rays, preventing sun damage

    How to Apply Leather Balsam 

    Tip: apply sparingly - a little bit goes a long way
    -  wipe excessive mud (must be dry) or dirt with a dry clean cloth first
    -  minor 
    mud or dirt will dissolve while using the balsam & come off onto the sponge
    -  use a sponge to apply on the leather - always test on a concealed spot first 
    -  gently rub until the balsam is absorbed by the leather - this may darken leather slightly
    -  no need to buff
    -  if too much balsam was applied, wipe excess with a soft clean cloth

    What's in the Box

    -  1x Renapur Leather Balsam - 200ml