Meltonian Sneaker Shoes Care Kit: Shampoo, Protector, Brush & Sponge
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All-in-1 kit to clean, condition, protect from UV rays & help waterproof suede & fabric shoes. 4 Sided brush for easy cleaning & nap lifting included.

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    Sneaker Shampoo Features

    -  suitable for all colour shoes

    -  lifts out ingrained dirt from suede & fabric shoes

    Sneaker Protector Features

    -  shields & guards against oil stains & water

    -  provides extra strong protection against dirt & moisture

    -  suitable for all colour shoes & accessories made from fabric, smooth leather, suede & nubuck

    4-sided Cleaning & Nap Lifting Brush Features

    -  cleans & restores the appearance of fabric shoes, suede & nubuck leather products

    -  bristles are used to lift the nap of leather & fabric shoes to remove trapped dirt

    -  brushing nubuck & suede leather helps to restore its original soft texture

    -  nylon bristles (on the one side) are used for nubuck leather & fabric shoes

    -  brass bristles (on the other side) are used for suede

    -  ideal for shoes - side brushes are used to clean around soles

    -  always brush in the same direction

    How to Apply the Sneaker Care Products
    -  dampen shoes with water (do not saturate)

    -  use the side brushes of the 4-sided Cleaning & Nap Lifting Brush to remove excessive dirt around the soles
    -  spread foam over the entire surface of the shoe & rub in vigorously

    -  use the nylon bristle side of the brush (for fabric shoes) to apply the shampoo

    -  always brush in the same direction
    -  rinse off lather
    -  fill the shoe with newspaper & allow it to dry naturally. (avoid direct heat or sunlight)

    -  wait for the product to dry (about 1hour)

    -  spray on the Sneaker Protector once dried
    -  allow 10 minutes for Protector to dry

    What is in the box
    -  1x Meltonian Sneaker Shampoo (200ml)
    -  1x Meltonian Sneaker Protector (200ml)
    -  1x 4-sided Cleaning & Nap Lifting Brush
    -  1x Cleaning Sponge